Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scawaii Bow Denim

Scawaii Bow Denim Jeans


S: Length: 92cm  Hip: 68cm  Butt: 86cm  Thigh: 46cm
M: Length: 93cm  Hip: 72cm  Butt: 88cm  Thigh: 48cm
L: Length: 95cm  Hip: 76cm  Butt: 90cm  Thigh: 50cm
I'm a size 27/28, Size 6/8 in Australia so I fit into a size M perfectly.
If you are not sure which size to choose, feel free to contact me via email or contact us via the chatbox on the bottom left hand corner!

Please note that these Scawaii Bow Denim are not the same colour as the ones shown above! Those photos are there for the purpose to show you the style of this piece.

The denim colour is still a washed out pattern but it is darker than the pictures above. The quality is just as good but the price is half of the price compared to other online shops.

The picture below shows the true colour of the product. 
True modelling photos of the Scawaii bow denim jeans below!

A comparison to the pair I bought from another online store where the colour is lighter. I sold this pair on my blog because it was too small for me. The colour is lighter but I paid 139RM = 46AUD on this pair!


  1. quite sexy jeans. but i really love them, the bow details on the side are too cute, argh i want a pair!

  2. Hi, are these jeans available in large and is the price in au or us?

  3. I really love this jeans but i am size 13 I dont know if its firts me in large =(

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